“Catapalooza is a two day festival that welcomes new and returning students to MSU. Catapalooza corresponds with our final summer orientation. Over 2500 first year students, returning students, and parents will be at MSU preparing for the new school year. This year's festival will include live music and entertainment, free food, giveaways, prizes, and fun activities. Catapalooza is presented to you by the MSU Office of Student Engagement.” -MSU website

This year our team was able to power our whole booth using solar power! During the event we handed out snacks, water, sports drinks, and had a slot car race track set up. Thanks to our wonderful partners we were able to give away Museum of the Rockies tickets to the fastest time around our race track. The slot cars were not only fun, but they directly demonstrated how a solar car works.

Thank you to everyone who helped us set up our booth including letting us borrow a tent. Thank you Harvest Solar for supplying the solar power unit. Finally, thank you OnSite energy for letting us borrow the massive house solar array to display.